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Wild Ones provides a safe, informative and fun outside environment for children to learn, play and explore. By taking part in a range of activities such as bushcraft, fire-making, gardening, nature crafts, shelter building and wildlife workshops the children will learn a range of skills whilst improving their confidence, risk taking and communication skills.

Screen time is a huge part of children’s life and while there is a place for it, Dorset Wild Adventures aim is to encourage everyone to step away from the screen, spend time outdoors and get active. As well as improving physical health, studies show spending time outside is essential for positive mental health too. There is so much to explore here in Bovington, Wild Ones will stimulate interest and provide a range of activities that will reconnect children with nature and their environment. Children who want to make a positive difference to the area can take part in creating wildlife habitats, clearing woodland and litter picking among other activities.

Bovington Wild Ones understand that each child is an individual with varying levels of confidence and ability so will provide a range of activities on a daily basis with options to suit everyone. They expect every child to adhere to both the wildlife and nature guide as well as the behaviour policy which encourages kindness and respect.



  • Our timetable is always planned to suit the age and ability of the attendees at all times to allow the role of play and choice to be employed.
  • We pride ourselves in adapting our timetable to meet the changing needs of the children
  • We work with you to ensure we provide what you need.
  • We work with openness and integrity to develop and maintain long term sustainable relationships with our clients.
  • We believe that people engage more of their senses and intelligence through physically experiencing learning situations and play, so the learning has more impact and longevity.
  • We aim to create an environment that encourages clients to challenge and stretch themselves. We always support individuals to choose the level of participation that is right for them at the time.
  • Whether you are taking part in a development training programme or a fun team build, we are passionate about what we do and will always create a fun, engaging and memorable experience.
  • We believe that all our staff should be engaged in continuous personal development some of which will be directly relevant to work and some of which will satisfy personal interests.
  • All staff employed at the centre has been subject to the DBS check. There will be a trained first aider on site at all times.
  • All equipment is inspected before use and is maintained to meet all current UK and EC safety standards. Staff will receive pertinent training in Health & Safety matters.
  • We will not discriminate against any of our clients or staff through either race, creed or colour.
  • We will present ourselves in a smart dress suitable for the environment at all times
  • We will not tolerate foul or abusive language or statements of a racist or defamatory nature.
  • We provide equal opportunities for all of our staff and clients.
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