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I have been a Dorset boy all my life. From a young age, I have enjoyed the countryside and am fortunate enough to have been brought up to be allowed to run free in a natural environment, something which, sadly, is unheard of nowadays.

I have been running my company, Prometheus Earth Skills, for 8 years now and have taught tens of thousands of students, of all ages and abilities, the importance and fragility of the natural world. Throughout my career, there has only been one group of individuals that have truly understood and with long-lasting change, the importance of what I teach, and that is the youth. The skills that can be learned are resilience, independence, confidence, ownership, and stewardship of the countryside as well as practical skills, group and self-management, and knowledge of all descriptions.

Above all, the aim is for the children to have fun and give them the childhood only our grandparents can remember. This is why organisations like ours are so fundamentally important, especially in these strange times, to restore our children’s happiness to play in, and love, the natural world.

Joe Peartree
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